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Proposte di Tesi

Tesi TEC 001/2021 - Robust Production Planning under Supply Timing Uncertainty - Prof. Andrea Matta

Tesi TEC 001/2022 - Design guidelines of a twin-screw extruder - Prof. Matteo Strano

Tesi TEC 002/2022 - Recycling of 3d nylon textiles through 3d printing by extrusion - Prof. Matteo Strano

Tesi TEC 003/2022 - Environmentally friendly lubrication in sheet metal punching - Prof. Matteo Strano

Tesi TEC 004/2022 - Energy Efficient Control Policies for Smart Manufacturing Systems - Prof. Andrea Matta, Nicla Frigerio

Tesi TEC 005/2022 - Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing - Prof. Andrea Matta, Giovanni Lugaresi

Tesi TEC 006/2022 - Experimental identification of heat transfer coefficient in cryogenic jet impingement - Prof. Paolo Albertelli, Tommaso Lucchini