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Institutional organisation

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is organised into six research lines, each of them coordinated by a head. The various research lines deal with research activities and organise the teaching activities for courses falling under the umbrella of the same discipline.

The Council, composed by the Head of the Department, all the members of the faculty, along with a delegation of technical-administrative staff and PhD students, discusses and approves the administrative acts and deliberates upon the assignment of resources and strategies proposed by the Scientific Committee.

The Head of the Department is responsible for administrative and strategic management as well as for the management of services, and is supported by the Department Scientific Committee.
The Head of the Department is the legal representative of the Department, dealing not only with all administrative and institutional matters but also with research contracts. Furthermore, the Director is also responsible for implementing the deliberations made by members of the board, for coordinating the various administrative acts necessary for the research and educational activities of the research lines and for the supervision of departmental services.
The Director is also personally responsible for putting forward the motions proposed by the Department at Academic Senate meetings.

The Board is composed by the Head of the Department, the Deputy Director, the Administrative Manager, six members of the faculty and a member of the Administrative staff.
The Board prepares the budget, implements and develops the various deliberations made by members of the board and coordinates the strategic services of the Department (educational curricula and website).

The Scientific Committee is coordinated by a Chairman and is constituted by the Head of the Department, the Deputy Director, the Heads of the Research lines and one member elected within each research line.
The Scientific Committee is responsible for harmonising the various research activities; it proposes the allocation of resources among the research lines, assesses planning and the research results of the various research lines and prepares an annual summary of the Department’s scientific production.

Further information about the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the institutional framework are available in the Regulation of the Department (in italian).