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Amir Ardeshiri Lordejani

Phone: +39.02.2399.8203

Secretary's Office of the RL Machine and Vehicle Design
Licia Simonelli
Phone: +39.02.2399.8212

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Amir Ardeshiri Lordejani joined Politecnico di Milano as a Junior Research Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in July 2023.
Amir earned his PhD degree with honors, in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in March 2023. His doctoral dissertation, titled "Application of Cold Spray as an Additive Manufacturing and Repair Method," was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Mario Guagliano and Prof. Sara Bagherifard.
During his academic journey, he has gained expertise in diverse topics, including numerical simulation of displacement fields in cracked samples under mixed mode loading and their experimental analysis using DIC (Digital Image Correlation). In his bachelor's studies, he explored finite element simulation of fluid-structure interaction in various structures.
Currently, Amir's research focuses on advancing the capabilities of cold spray, particularly in developing the necessary toolsets to adapt it as an additive manufacturing method. Cold spray possesses several intrinsic advantages, making it a promising technique for additive manufacturing of challenging materials, fabrication of large parts, repair of local damages, and remanufacturing.
However, there remain challenges to address, such as deposit shape control, process parameter optimization, and predicting and controlling deposit indexes. To tackle these issues, he has developed multi-scale finite element models, semi-empirical numerical models, and has conducted extensive experiments for characterization and validation of the process’s capabilities, the results of all of which are published in various scientific journals.
Regarding other fields of research, his interests lie in the application of medium and high-entropy alloys in aerospace structures, as well as biomimetic design and manufacturing techniques.
Since 2021, he has been the teaching assistant for the course “Methods for Engineering design”, which encompasses essential aspects of mechanical design. In addition, he has co-supervised nine master students and actively participated in the thesis development of 15 master students.