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The winners of the 2022 Edition of Switch2product - Innovation Challenge

The selection phase of the XIV edition of Switch2Product | Innovation Challenge ended on the 22nd of December. This programme promoting innovative solutions, new technologies and business ideas proposed by teams including students and graduates, researchers, Alumni and teachers from the ecosystem of Politecnico di Milano, is organized by PoliHub - Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano and managed by the Politecnico Foundation, the POLIMI Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and Deloitte.
This year as well, the projects fell into four categories inspired by the NextGenerationEU directives aiming to facilitate the identification of technologies and applications in their respective sectors: Health&Med Tech, Climate Tech & Circular Economy, Industries Transformation, New ways of working and living.

Among the winners, two are the awarded projects in which DMEC is directly involved.
ATLAS, Flochip, IPSE – XR, SPARK e TES are the teams selected by Politecnico di Milano that will receive the S2P grant of 30 thousand euros each to invest in the prototyping and validation phases of the projects.

SPARK won in the category “New ways of working and living”
SPARK is an innovative Augmented Reality platform designed to support the creation of luxury fashion goods. Using projection technology, SPARK enables designers to explore multiple variants of their products and clients to perform customizations, without the need for physical prototyping. With SPARK, designers can quickly and easily try out new design ideas, experiment with different materials and colours, and collaborate with other team members in real time. SPARK is intended to be a powerful tool for designers of luxury bags, luggage, and shoes, providing them with a fast, flexible, and sustainable way to create new collections. The team, made of Federico Morosi, Enrico Panzi and Massimo Torelli, is supported by Prof. Gaetano Cascini, Prof. Niccolò Becattini and Prof. Giandomenico Caruso from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Deloitte, instead, awarded the start-up DisplAId, co-founded by Lorenzo Benedetti, Francesco Morgan Bono, Luca Radicioni and Giancarlo Donizzelli (Fondazione Politecnico), with a 30k grant.

DisplAId aims at revolutionising health infrastructure monitoring via Artificial Intelligence algorithms to improve its safety and efficiency. The name DisplAId, the past participle of the verb to display, includes the terms AI and aid (meaning help, support) and sums up how they intend to work in supporting infrastructure managers in making strategic decisions via the smart analysis of directly harvested structural data. The objective is to give managers a simple but efficient tool allowing them to promptly state the level of infrastructural health.
The project supervisors are Prof. Simone Cinquemani and Prof. Marco Belloli from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.