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Research outcomes promoted by the Parizzi Association at DMEC

The Eugenio and Germana Parizzi Association supports researchers and PhD students of Politecnico di Milano with scholarships and grants for research in the transportation industry, namely electronics and automation for the railway sector. The commitment and resources lavished by the Association, involving prestigious national and international companies, aim to study, test, and apply advanced technological solutions regarding mobility in all its aspects.

On the 7th of June 2022, Fondazione Politecnico organised an event to present the Parizzi Association's activities, which turned out the chance to share the activities performed and discuss the outlook. At the event also took part in the rector Ferruccio Resta, who gave an introduction speech.

Prof. Giorgio Diana, former Full Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DMEC), chaired a round table on “New technologies for railway innovation in the international scene”, during which actively participated in several companies working in this industry: Federico Astengo from Wabtec Faiveley Transport, Roberto Diana from ABB, Leonardo Solera as rail systems expert, Antonella Trombetta from Hitachi Rail.

The research activities funded by the Parizzi Association involve 3 researchers of the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB) and 3 DMEC researchers: Claudio Somaschini, Binbin Liu and Francesco Mazzeo.

Claudio Somaschini, Assistant Professor, after a brief introduction given by Prof. Marco Bocciolone, presented his research entitled “Increase of the high-speed train commercial speed: consequences on rolling stock and infrastructure”. It focuses on the analysis of aerodynamic issues that intensify with increasing speed. Experimental data acquired during copious ad-hoc designed campaigns and the following numerical simulations let to better understand and overcome some of these problems, such as ballast lifting phenomenon and overpressures within tunnels.

Binbin Liu, Assistant Professor, introduced by Prof. Stefano Bruni, presented his research entitled “Theoretical and experimental analysis of wheel wear in railway wheels”. It focuses on the modelling and prediction of railway wheel profile evolution due to wear. A numerical wear model was developed based on a detailed non-Hertzian contact mechanics model and the influence of asymmetric worn wheel profiles on the vehicle stability has been studied based on the experimental measurements of the wheel profiles of a high-speed vehicle.

Francesco Mazzeo, PhD Student, after a brief introduction given by Prof. Stefano Melzi, presented his research entitled "WSP (Wheel Slip Prevention) system for freight trains". It focuses on the study of a wheel slip prevention system that will be used for freight trains to reduce damages caused by high-intensity braking. A first detailed multi-body model of the braking system has been developed in order to study the interaction of the WSP valve with the braking system. Then, the model has been experimentally validated. Future activities include the development of a multi-body model of the entire vehicle, control logic for the WSP valve and a HIL (Hardware In the Loop) bench for the validation of the results.